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DISE is a software for digital signage. DISE has helped several brands all over the world to improve their communication. Our solutions can be found within different markets such as transport, finance, retail, government and sport. Today DISE has resellers and distributors in more than 30 countries around the world and issued more than 10.000 licenses.

One huge strength is that DISE software is scalable. It means that the software can be used for small scale installations as well as large scale installations with thousands of players. Start with screens that suits your current need and adapt the system as your business grow. Another strength is that we have one of the most powerful editor tools on the market. This allows you to create your own templates and make interactive presentations or stunning video walls. By creating the right message, at the right time to the right audience, increases your chances of getting your message through!

Vision and Business idea

DISE vision is to be the leading software for digital signage through quality and performance and by applications of new technologies and technical solutions.

DISE business idea is to create an intelligent digital signage software for advanced digital signage installations around the world. We want to achieve this through experience, safety and quality.

Growing in South Korea

Digital Signage - What is it?

Digital signage is a broad expression which involves a range of options for displaying digital information where electronic distributed messages are changing according to your own needs and wishes. It is a way of displaying dynamic content on a number of different screens in different environments.

DISE Sweden – Headquarter  

DISE International AB
Järnvägsgatan 6, 652 25, Karlstad
+46 54 14 46 97

DISE Sales for English speaking countries


+46 54 14 46 94

DISE Sales for Asia


+46 (0) 54 14 46 65

DISE Sales for Spanish speaking countries


+46 (0) 54 14 46 66


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