Dise is the in-store experience platform for global brands and leading retailers.

Why we exist

To enhance the customer experience in-store.


What makes us different

We bring category expertise to deliver the one digital signage solution designed for in-store, making it more powerful and intuitive to use. We call it Dise – digital in-store experience.

Dise was founded in Karlstad, Sweden 2003 which gives us more than 17 years of experience from the global digital signage market. We know all about the do’s and don’ts regarding your next in-store solution.

Who are we here for

We are a Swedish retail tech company aiming to provide the best in-store experience for end customers and accelerate our partners business goals.

Whether you are a digital agency partner, global brand or leading retailer we are here to support your digital in-store solutions.

What we love

Our great partners supporting +1000 brands worldwide – creating the future of retail.

Our creative and diverse team with unique know-how, consuming +1000 Swedish cinnamon buns per year.

Quick info about us

Founded in


in Karlstad, Sweden

Trusted by


brands and leading retailers

Installations in



Carried out by


partners globally

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