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About digital signage

Do you recognize the question “What is digital signage?” or have you wondered the exact same thing yourself? Below we have tried to summarize the field of digital signage. Let’s say this is digital signage for dummies. Digital signage is a broad expression which involves a range of options for displaying digital information on a digital display. It is a way to show dynamic content on a number of screens in different environments. With easy installation and infinite imagination, digital signing can reach unlimited heights and has the ability to attract audiences in a different way than printed media can. In other words, digital signs can be seen as a new way of digital brand building.

What is signing and what kind of solutions are there?

There are endless of digital signage solutions and with clear messages and material which is constantly being updated – digital signage effectively impacts customers, employees and other interest groups in an innovative way. Different needs require different solutions. With simple installations and boundless creativity, the sky’s the limit for digital signage and DISE offers many solutions.  Digital signing is ideal in businesses without intranet and is perfect in education facilities where up to date and targeted information can be displayed in common areas. With digital signage in advertising areas you have full control over digitised marketing and advertising and with digital signage in transportation areas you ensure constantly updated information. A digital sign system in sport arenas offers possibilities to trigger goal statics and other match info and with digital screens in shopping malls and other retail areas, interactive advertisements can be created. Inside and outside restaurants dynamic digital menu boards can be used as well as governments can use digital signs to inform and update citizens. Digital signing is an cost-effective way to display your products and your solutions. With advertising on a digital display, it is easier than ever to present your company and your brand. 

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