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In any digital signage installation there are three elements working together; the content, the hardware and the software. Digital signage involves a range of options for displaying digital information on digital displays. Behind the display, a digital signage software is running with the aim to show dynamic content.

Today there are hundreds of different signage software offered in the marketplace. The ability to select and separate the different signage software from each other can sometimes be difficult. What should you think of when choosing your digital signage software? And why is choosing the right software so important for a digital signage solution? The checklist below may be a helpful tool when choosing the right software for your digital signage project.

Checklist for choosing software for digital signage

Important note

Many clients that we have had over the years are sometimes reluctant to invest a lot of money in a professional digital signage system. They believe that a power point will do the trick. Many times, maybe even every time, the client has returned after six months or a year, realising that their needs grew once they understood the power of a digital signage system. So make sure you consider even future needs that might be hard to estimate when you plan for your first digital signage project.

About DISE digital signage software

DISE is a software for digital signage that is used for advertising, corporate and public information, reception areas, menu boards, info kiosks, sports arenas and transportation areas. DISE software is scalable and can be used for small scale solutions as well as large scale installations with thousands of digital signage players. Through quality and performance and by applications of new technologies and technical solutions, DISE has become one of the world’s leading software for digital signage. With experience, safety and quality we believe that DISE signage software is the best choice for your digital signage installation.

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