Digital Signage – What is it?

Digital signage is a broad expression which involves a range of options for displaying digital information where electronic distributed messages are changing according to your own needs and wishes. It is a way of displaying dynamic content on a number of different screens in different environments. With simple installations and boundless creativity, the sky is the limit for digital signing, with the opportunity to attract an audience in different ways to printed media. With clear messages and constantly updated content, digital signs can make a huge impression on customers, employees and others in an innovative way. In other words, digital signage can be seen as a powerful, quick and easy way of brand building.

Advantages of digital signage

The advantages of digital signing are endless but as some people say – all good things come in threes – so here come, what we believe to be, the top three:

Dynamic – Interactive and visually appealing way of providing information

Interacting with an audience has been desirable for a long time but is often difficult as in many instances; advertising involves one-way communication. By using digital signing software together with pressure sensitive and interactive screens, you can easily create messages and contents that are clickable. In this way, it is possible for you to engage into bi-directional communication with your customers.

Digital signs is also a visually appealing way of providing information compared to static posters and other printed media. A well-structured digital signage solution can deliver quite the wow factor when moving images and videos are shown. When using digital signage for promotional purposes, the only limit is your own creativity.

Instant – Quick and up to date messages with easy distribution

Today’s online society requires constantly updated information. The Internet and other networks all over the world allow local screens to be updated with ease, just as easily as global ones. With network connectivity, signage can offer frequently and easily updated information that can be displayed on many screens in real time, which make the information look as though it is being updated constantly.

In comparison with printed media, digital signage is unbeatable when it comes to getting messages out quickly to a specific audience. For example, events on social media or changes to timetables can be displayed as they occur.

Accurate – The right information, to the right audience at the right time

In the same way your content is continually updated, a great benefit with digital signs is that the right message can be given to the right audience at the right time. Your content is easy to replace with messages targeted to the audience, environment or situation.

It is also easy to schedule your content and a good signage solution lets you control when your message is to be displayed. You can decide whether the message is to be displayed in real time or scheduled to appear at a specific time.

Finally, as a conclusion – digital signage is booming. The industry offers you a more dynamic, powerful and effective way to reach your audience. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with your own signage solution.

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