Are we a match?

We are on the lookout for experts with a passion for enhancing digital in-store customer experiences. You, on the other hand, desire a modern, scalable, and rock-solid platform. Let’s team up and revolutionise the retail landscape together.

We’re looking for full service Digital In-store Partners

Our selected partners create memorable brand experiences and are experts in communication.
Together we are thrilled about the mix of new technology and content – and how, it shapes the in-store experience.


Digital In-store concept

You are passionate about customer interaction – creating strong connections to the brand. Everything from understanding the target audience, the importance of strategy, sparkling creative ideas, to content production. You cover it all.


Your experienced team is there to guide customers at every turn, ensuring their journey is seamless and hassle-free. With adept rollouts, approachable 1st and 2nd line support, and on-site service, you’re their go-to for everything.

Why partner up with us?

Our commitment to a cutting-edge, user friendly, scalable, and rock-solid platform ensures your customer’s brand’s digital in-store experiences stay at the forefront. The architecture makes it easy for you to integrate desired apps. Our IXM platform seamlessly links up and rapidly initiates your store operations. This is what we proudly refer to as our out-of-the-box strength.

Furthermore, both partners and end customers benefit from a quick and straightforward implementation process. With an intuitive interface, end-users have a smooth start to using the platform, and require minimal support for partners. The competitive pricing offers transparency and cost control for end customers, making it easy to sell.

Beyond a strong platform, we ensure that you have the best possible opportunities for success. We provide onboarding, a dedicated Partner Success team, and a certified partner program.

We welcome long-lasting partnerships where collaboration and success bloom together.