Bolsa de Madrid, Spain

The customer

El Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid is one of the most important buildings relating to national and international level in the stock market. A place with great media coverage managed by Bolsas y Mercados Spanish (BME), the operator of all the markets and financial systems in Spain.

DISE solution

DISE has developed a customised solution for their digital signage system that feeds all monitors and offers various types of content and information in real time from the different markets.

The system consists of 31 networked players that supply 30 high-resolution monitors in the arcades and perimeter led display and the center of the hall. All system features images from different monitors all synchronised. This helps control the entire system as “one” still provide accurate resolution to each screen which gives the system a total resolution of 160.809 x 1080 pixels.

The possibilities of the system are spectacular and allows us to generate information and graphic elements that cater for the gap between the screens making transitions flow smoothly from one screen to another.

One of the most relevant parts of the system is to obtain information in real time. Keeping the update times of all the data presented in the system below ten seconds. Using proper protocols to obtain data from market information systems managed by Infobolsa (BME) and “parsing” of the data the system is fully updated even between the data transition between different viewing areas.

With critical system like this when real time information is vital the system has to be configured to detect when data is supposed to be provided. It has also be configured to a certain behavior in case of any emergency.

For this project we have provided a new module that allows us to launch a ticker with all relevant market information based on the opening and closing of different markets. Real time data is automatically updated and synchronised over 31 screens without any delay.

The dimensions of this ticker covers the entire system resolution (160.809 x 1080 pixels) (H/V) and with the speed of the ticker it will take longer than 5 minutes from appearing on the first monitor to disappear from last in the chain.

One of the interesting applications of the system is the possibility of launching channels or content on the fly by touching the mouse or pressing any key. A widely used and versatile choice for presentation events in which you want to display content, whether it’s simple or very complex. For example, we have the possibility of launching a series of logos on the bottom of the channel at any given time.

The system allows seamless integration of content predefined by the user with different signs of television (DTT) using capture systems of television signals and built-in DTV tuner. This way we can control and integrate the programming of TV channels and programs to show at any time.




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