The beloved classic

With a strong presence across multiple channels, including popular takeaway restaurants, Coca-Cola seamlessly engages with its customers.


By teaming up with takeaway restaurants and bistros, Coca-Cola aims to become the preferred beverage choice when customers order their food.



Where is the best place to be seen at a restaurant? Of course, in the menu. Coca-Cola, a brand that actively sponsors product placements, has prominently positioned itself through digital menu boards that play a central role in the restaurant. The strategic placement and design of these boards make it easier to influence customer buying behaviour. Who can resist a refreshing beverage?

IXM platform benefits

Coca-Cola ensures that all content follows a clear graphic profile, creating recognition. Thanks to developed templates and a vast image library, the owners of food establishments can easily and quickly update the digital menu board.



The success of implementing digital menu boards is
supported by compelling statistics from the restaurant industry:

Our partner

Thanks to our partnership with jls, we enable Coca-Cola HBC to be even more visible in takeaways and bistros, and thereby generating additional sales. jls stands for creative digital customer experiences, and Dise stands for the platform. We are proud to partner with jls, a market-leading digital signage, mobile, and web agency in Switzerland.

Renowned for their expertise in conceiving, developing, and operating cross-channel digital customer experiences, jls works with popular brands like Denner, Migros, SBB, Swisscom, and UBS. Founded in 2001, jls has built a strong reputation in the industry.