Affordable shopping made easy

Denner, Switzerland's third-largest supermarket chain with over 860 stores, aims to create an attractive modern shopping experience from storefront to checkout.


Fokus 4.0 is Denner’s new store concept, showcasing a redesigned sales area with digital touchpoints. Denner aims to create a modern shopping environment that attracts customers into the supermarket, profiles an attractive range of products, and inspires throughout the customer journey, from storefront to checkout.


The store concept 4.0 entails a focus on digital touchpoints in shop windows, entrance areas, checkouts, and tobacco counters. With strategically placed digital displays in shop windows, Denner captivates passersby with eye-catching weekly campaigns. At the checkout line, a POS solution is available, displaying both receipts and product advertisements to customers.

IXM platform benefits

All content on the screens is centrally controlled, automatically generated, and integrated with the company’s relevant systems. The displayed content is tailored based on various attributes, including language, local restrictions, and assortment.


Transforming the shopping experience, the chain’s stores effortlessly embrace a dynamic and refreshed content flow, freeing up internal resources for other purposes.

Our partner

Thanks to our partnership with jls, we enable Denner to create a contemporary shopping environment. jls stands for creative digital customer experiences, and Dise stands for the platform. We are proud to partner with jls, a market-leading digital signage, mobile, and web agency in Switzerland.

Renowned for their expertise in conceiving, developing, and operating cross-channel digital customer experiences, jls works with popular brands like Denner, Migros, SBB, Swisscom, and UBS. Founded in 2001, jls has built a strong reputation in the industry.