Hi3G strengthens its digital communication and customer experience in-store.


Hi3G needs to stand out in a highly competitive market.

They always need to be relevant and support omni-channel experience since their customers often starts their customer journey online.

They needed a competitive tool for increasing add-on sales and service sales in-store.


Show services and products in the situation of use. Showing how they add value in the customers everyday life.

Entrance communications to increase footfall by call to action and campaign communication.

The digital solutions are the main contributor to the store atmosphere. Together with the staff, digital sales support solutions enables a seamless customer journey bridging the digital and physical experience.

Selected solutions

Branded experience

Branded experience using synchronized high definition canvas.

Dynamic campaigns

Dynamic campaigns with intelligent data integrations.

Endless aisle

Endless aisle with E-commerce integrations. To bridge the customer meeting in e-commerce and physical stores, Endless Aisle is a game changer.

Lift and learn

The product story with the use of triggers.

Touch solutions

Personalized sales support with touch solutions.