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Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway serves 4.5 million commuters daily, providing convenient navigation through the city's bustling pulse.


MTR stations experience high foot traffic, making them prime locations for digital communication. Hong Kong MTR aims to enhance the passenger experience by showcasing animated advertisement to engage and interact with the target audience. This initiative also presents an opportunity to generate revenue.


MTR features one of Hong Kong’s most expansive advertising platforms, using its extensive railway network to provide diverse advertising spaces throughout stations, including, station concourses, escalator crowns, and platforms. Across 99 stations, digital displays enhance the advertising landscape. Recently, a massive, elongated LED wall was set up, leaving a lasting impression and elevating the ambiance in the departure hall. Starting in 2008, the project’s flagship solution is the renowned ‘Digital Escalator Crown’ — screens running on the wall above the MTR escalator handrail, creating a captivating visual experience like a movie on the move.

To enhance passenger experience, real-time updates, including alarm alerts, and live weather information, have been seamlessly integrated to ensure passengers stay well-informed throughout their journey.

IXM platform benefits

The primary requirements were a stable and flexible platform with an easy implementation process for new solutions. Ninety-five percent of the displayed content updates automatically.
Our partner onActivity, seamlessly integrates Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) capabilities, offering a more efficient and cost-effective method for advertisers and publishers. Buyers define their media purchase terms, and when these criteria are satisfied, ads are automatically acquired.

The platform provides the ability to precisely refine campaigns. For instance, you can control the time of day for ad display, use variables such as weather or real-time events to trigger specific ad content.


The number of new installations will increase by the beginning of 2025. Digital advertising enables the Hong Kong MTR to generate additional revenue. Digital displays provide commuters with dynamic and engaging content, enhancing the enjoyment and informativeness of their journeys. The integration of digital advertising reflects a commitment to innovation and modernisation within the transportation system, showcasing a forward-thinking approach.

Our partner

onActivity, our esteemed partner, boasts a proven success story in the Hong Kong region. Established in 2005, the company brings great expertise in digital signage, projection visual, and interactive media. Functioning as a full-service digital system integrator, onActivity creates and installs custommade digital solutions for diverse sectors, including transport, education, banking, government, and hospitality. With a harmonious blend of creativity and technology, onActivity actively shapes Hong Kong’s digital landscape.

Dise has been providing a reliable and flexible solution in our customers' installations over the past decade. Looking forward to seeing another

Falcon Tam – Co-founder of onActivity