M&S offers a variety of digital solutions to enhance the customer experience in-store.

Video walls for brand building

We have served M&S with digital signage solutions since 2012. During this time we have launched several different digital in-store solutions to improve the customer journey.

One of the solutions is the video wall for brand building. In the center of the store and behind the counter desks M&S have placed video walls for brand building and showing off new products in-store.

These video walls shows clothing in slow-motion and other brand building content to increase the d’well time in-store but also to inspire and engage the customers.

Connected mannequin to enhance the customer experience in-store.

Close to the clothing you will also find large touch screens in portrait mode showing the current fashion. Here you can drag and drop, and test different clothing virtually.

Fit & Style studio with delay mirror and RFID tags

In some of M&S selected stores you will find the fitting room area called Fit & Style Studio. Here they offer a so called Delay mirror solution where you can record yourself while walking away from the mirror. After a couple of seconds you can then watch how the clothing fits on you from behind. Solving a problem for the end customer in a playful way. The video can then also be shared on social media. 

The fitting rooms are supplied with large mirror screens with an RFID sensor. When entering the fitting room it automatically sense which clothes and sizes you brought into the fitting room. 

If you want to change size you can send a request to the staff through the giant touch screen. A signal is then sent to the store staff who then can pick up and deliver the wanted size to your fitting room.

All at your service! 



Endless aisle solution

In some of the stores they also offer an endless aisle solution where you can order everything from the online catalogue and choose to deliver the purchase to your home.

Marks and Spencer Group plc is a major British multinational retailer with headquarters in London, England, that specialises in selling clothing, home products and food products, mostly of its own label.

Solutions used in this case

Endless aisle

Endless aisle with E-commerce integrations. To bridge the customer meeting in e-commerce and physical stores, Endless Aisle is a game changer.

Touch solutions

Personalized sales support with touch solutions.

Connected Mannequin

Connected Mannequin with life size inspiration.