Underground railway stations: MTR, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong MTR is regarded as one of the world’s leading metro systems with an average passenger capacity of 3.4 million per weekday. The rail network MTR operates comprises of nine railway lines serving both urban and suburb areas in Hong Kong.


MTR Digital Escalator Crown is the first digital and animated escalator advertising platform in Asia’s metro system. Passengers can enjoy a story-telling advertising experience when travelling along the escalator. The high-definition screens and high-impact content impresses every pair of eyes passing by.

Five pairs of escalator banks in three busiest MTR stations, with a total of more than 130 screens were in this first phase of the development plan. The project requires all screens to be managed and monitored from a couple of editor sites through the corporate media network. The screens in each escalator bank have to run in synchronised mode such that all the content in the screens are playing coherently.

Suggested solution

DISE solution offers a central content management and distribution mechanism. The corporate administration and design office can manage the complete advertising network from a single access location. The player stations running on DISE Replay are always playing synchronously across the series of screens alongside the escalator bank. The powerful and yet easy-to-use DISE Composer enable content designer to develop creative advertising on a huge virtual ‘canvas’ covering the entire screen group. Staging and movement of both graphical and audio materials are arranged in the project definition and rendered on-the-fly – Last minute adjustment is possible as designer no longer rely on lengthily pre-produced video for each final screens.

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