Japan's iconic department store

Established in 1953, Parco is a celebrated Japanese department store chain. With 18 stores in prime shopping districts, it's a cultural icon and retail giant.


Parco aims to increase sales by using omnichannel strategies, such as integrating in-store sales and the digital world.

A notable feature of Parco is its multi-floor retail format, where each floor is dedicated to specific product categories and services. Parco aims to achieve market expansion by leveraging digitalisation across all floors effectively.



The department stores are equipped with smart digital in-store technology to make the shopping experience smoother and more inspiring. Right from the storefronts, the tone is set with captivating messages. Navigating the multi-level stores is a breeze with interactive touchscreens and large floor modules on every floor.

While riding the escalators, the digital displays become part of the interior, elegantly showcasing products and highlighting upcoming events. Feeling hungry? With digital in-store elements, it’s easy to explore the offerings of all the cafes, restaurants, and food courts, and discover which place piques the interest. Parco collaborates with artists and cultural organizations to create a unique shopping experience and digital in-store is a perfect way to spotlight upcoming events.

Wherever customers are in the shopping centre, digital elements are available for inspiration and guidance.


IXM platform benefits

The platform enables Parco to control more than 200 digital in-store solutions. These are spread across 18 different department stores with various placements and purposes. The information is managed centrally by the headquarters and is updated automatically from the web and the brand’s blog. Additionally, each store has the capability to independently publish new content.



Parco strengthens its reputation as a hub for innovative fashion and creative design. The digital elements become a vital part of the shopping experience and contribute to both inspiration and guidance. At the same time, Parco has achieved an efficient flow of information that aligns with the offerings and unifies the customer experience both online and in-store.  

Our partner

In the Japanese market, Fun Factory Co. Ltd. has established a proven success story through its partnership with Parco, a well-known department store chain. The company initially started as an event agency and has since shifted its business focus to digital signage and film production.

The company offers its customers a comprehensive package of services, including content production, installation, and monitoring. We are proud to have Fun Factory Co. Ltd. as a partner in the Japanese market.


The Dise platform offers high scalability and stability, enabling us to seamlessly integrate our services and provide valuable digital signage solutions to our customers. We have a strong IT collaboration and appreciate their helpful approach, which is typical of Dise. We are always grateful to the Dise team with whom we can consult on any matter.

Fumiko Ohira, CEO of FunFactory