Where excitement meets safety in gaming

Svenska Spel, a state-owned gaming company, offers modern gaming with real-time updates.


The gaming industry is currently undergoing a significant modernisation process, and Svenska Spel has been at the forefront of this transformation for many years. The primary challenge of this modernisation is to enhance the gaming experience, create a seamless customer journey that bridges physical stores and online gaming, and provide real-time information. Furthermore, smaller stores, particularly in urban areas, face limitations in terms of space for physical gaming coupons.



There are approximately 13,000 digital displays available at the retailers’ locations. These digital solutions are strategically positioned within the gaming area and the cashier’s section, providing customers with convenient access to information. Customers receive updates on ongoing promotions, current jackpots, and live matches, as well as information about good causes and responsible gaming.

Throughout the customer journey in the store, digital touch points play a vital role in ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Capturing attention during the initial phase is crucial, and it is achieved through eye-catching and engaging content. Real-time information and clear instructions further enhance the gaming experience. As customers wait in line, there is a valuable opportunity to promote products, campaigns, and initiatives supporting responsible gaming and good causes.

IXM platform benefits

With 13,000 touchpoints, there is a high demand for both flexibility and stability. By integrating with Svenska Spel’s central system, valuable metadata is generated for all agents.

Advertisements can be localised and targeted based on specific regions, retailers, or customer preferences, maximizing the impact of marketing efforts. The platform enables dynamic content delivery based on real-time data and events. This means that significant wins or local events, such as football matches, can be showcased and updated seamlessly across the touchpoints. The platform simplifies the process of managing local advertising campaigns.


Svenska Spel strengthens its brand by providing a modern gaming experience; real-time information keeps the customers up-to-date, and the digital touchpoints make it possible for smaller gaming stores to provide a wide range of games.

We value having a platform that is easy to work in so we can do a lot ourselves. It is also complex and supports all parts of our organisation, from content to troubleshooting to support. And we love its stability.

Peder Nygren, Senior technician at Svenska Spel