Väven, Umeå

The customer

Väven is Umeå’s new cultural center with a total of 15 000 square meter culture surfaces. At Väven, you can experience culture in its broadest sense: from music to food, lectures to entertainment. Väven includes a library, a concert hall, two cinemas, cafes, a restaurant, a museum, a conference hall, two hotels and a wine bar. Many of the municipality’s modern and creative spaces can be rented or borrowed by the public. Read more about Väven.

Customer need

Väven wanted to give their customer the ultimate experience, show opening hours, news, events and guide the visitors to the right place.

DISE solution

Väven consists of 80 high brightness displays. The screens are placed in service counters, lifts and entrances. Below is a sample of how the screens were used.

  • One video wall at the main entrance with 4×4 screens, a total of 220″.
  • One video wall at a secondary entrance with 3×3 screens, a total of 165″.
  • Three video walls in the library with 2×2 screens, a total of 110″.
  • Eight screens for way finding with three high brightness 55” screens.
  • Four single 55″ screens in the service counter of the library with information about new books.
  • Three single 47″ screens in the elevators of the hotel and conference floor.
  • Seven screens at the entrances displaying opening hours.
  • One mobile screen displaying various events.

Väven is an architectural landmark of the highest international class. The building got Kasper Salin Award for Sweden’s foremost architecture. The big hotel housed has won awards as the best newcomer at Boutique Hotel Awards.


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