DISE is a software primarily sold through resellers. As a reseller, you can buy different products from different manufacturers and deliver a complete service to the customer. We offer software licenses, support, upgrades and a cloud service.

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DISE Webinars

New for 2017 is that we will be arranging webinars the last Thursday every month. The schedule will be updated every once in a while so be sure to check back regularly! The webinars are open for everyone, but please register by the latest 2 days before each webinar to


Webinar schedule

January 26th: New features

February 23rd: DISE Server management and licensing models

March 30th: Templates and layouts

April 27th: Low bandwidth – High quality

May 24th: Streaming

June 29th: Content and playlists

August 31 st: Control and schedule players



Depending on your needs, you can receive support in different ways.

Training sessions

If you just want to become familiar with DISE or you want to become a certified expert, we have a variety of courses to suite your needs.


Training for Resellers
We offer a basic online course for every reseller, no matter what position you have.
The basic online course consists of 8 online sessions that are free for resellers to attend. Please contact or your personal DISE contact for the link to the training sessions.

We can tailor the reseller training into a compact course at DISE office. Contact to book a time. If you want our trainer to visit you instead, please contact us for more information.


Basic reseller training schedule

The course will be held on Thursdays at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST on the following dates:

January 19th: The basics

February 2nd: DISE Cloud Manager web UI

February 16th: DISE Composer

March 16th: How to install DISE Premium and DISE Xpress

April 12th: Multi-screen synchronization with DISE Premium (NOTE: this is a Wednesday)

April 20th: Introduction to DISE Professional

May 18th: Integrations with external systems

June 8th: Interactivity

See you online!


End-user Training

On Tuesdays, once a month, DISE will offer online training sessions at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST. These training sessions are structured as workshops and we will present DISE as a brand and as a company, digital signage as an industry and the components that are included in the DISE software. The remaining time will be dedicated to the participants’ questions and wishes. We use TeamViewer or Skype for these sessions.

Sign up via e-mail at no later than the Friday before scheduled training session. Please submit specific questions and requests no later than 24 hours before the session.


Training Tuesday schedule

February 14th at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST

March 7th at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST

April 18th at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST

May 9th at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST

June 13th at 9 AM or 4 PM CET/CEST

Please notice that you need a valid support contract in order to participate in the Training Tuesdays.

See you online!

Checklist for choosing software for digital signage

Today there are hundreds of different signage software offered in the marketplace. The ability to select and separate the different signage software from each other can sometimes be difficult. What should you think of when choosing your digital signage software? And why is choosing the right software so important for a digital signage solution? The checklist below may be a helpful tool when choosing the right software for your digital signage project.


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