Frequently Asked Questions


  • What products does DISE offer?

    DISE product suite consists of DISE Xpress, DISE Premium and DISE Professional. Our products suit different markets such as retail, transportation, corporate and sport arenas.

    DISE Xpress is just as easy as it sounds. It can be installed on screens with built in player for example. With our quick setup guide you are ready to play.

    DISE Premium is our product suite to manage advanced content through a web-based interface.

    DISE Professional is the preferred choice for a system with several screens in different locations. Starting with a simple auto-configured setup, you can add players, channels and automated features to your system as your business grows. With DISE Professional you can create, distribute and playing back content on screen.

  • What’s the difference between DISE products?

    DISE Xpress is our easiest solution, where some screens come with a built-in media player. Can handle basic content. Cloud-based with a low monthly cost. Support for HTML5 and Android.

    DISE Premium is our solution for advanced content and features. Cloud-based with a low monthly cost. Support Windows.

    DISE Professional is Windows based (both content creation and playback) and best suited in advanced setups where customizing the user experience is key. Create stunning presentations with interactive and triggered content. Self-hosted and one-off cost.

  • Is there a cloud version of your software?

    Yes, read more about DISE Xpress and DISE Premium. Log in from your web browser to upload, schedule & deploy your digital media. You will find all the tools you need to monitor and report your digital signage players. Please contact us for more information.

  • Is DISE the right digital signage software for my needs?

    We hope to be able to convince you by the following points:

    Be flexible: One of the advantages of using DISE is that it is very flexible. You can easily integrate our software with existing databases, add functions and allow your signage system to grow together with your business.

    Be secure: You can rely on DISE. We have extensive experience in the business and a good support structure. You are in charge of both hardware and software by monitoring the content, screen temperature and turning the screen on and off.

    Be creative: Catch your target group and get that wow-effect. Within DISE you can work with a lot of artistic freedom and make creative and interactive presentations. DISE has a lot of features that put us ahead of our competition.


  • What is the minimum system required to run DISE?

    For DISE Xpress you only need an internet connection and a web browser. A basic DISE Professional system requires a manager, which is a Windows PC with DISE applications to create and distribute content; and a player, which is a Windows PC with DISE applications to download and play back the content. A basic DISE Premium system consists of DISE Server, which is either shared or locally installed; and a player, which is running Windows.

  • Do you also provide hardware?

    No, we don’t sell player or server hardware directly. However, we have partnerships with hardware manufacturers and work together with them to provide the best software setup for a given hardware. Please contact us for further details.

  • What platforms are supported?

    DISE Xpress runs directly on displays with LG WebOS, Samsung SSP2+ or certified Android devices.
    DISE Premium and DISE Professional runs natively on Windows PCs.

  • How is the software set up?

    Installing a DISE Professional system starts by running the installation package on managers and players. To help you get started with the installation is DISE Setup Wizard – it guides you step by step through licensing, getting content to your player, and how to play it back. To get up and running with a DISE Premium system, a login to a DISE Server is needed in order to add and configure players. Player software either comes preinstalled or is easily installed with an automatically generated installation package.

  • Can I use DISE on more than one computer?

    Yes. If you are using DISE Professional a versioning system helps track of all content changes and who made them. With DISE Xpress and DISE Premium you can share content and playlists between users using the web interface.

  • I have only one screen and want multiple users to be able to edit the content playing. What do I need?

    First you need access to a DISE Server. Check with your local reseller or DISE directly if you don’t plan to host your own DISE Server. On the Server, many users may work on the same content, playlists, and players.
    You need a device to playback the content on screen. Devices are on Windows or Android and require DISE player applications.

  • What kind of screens or displays can I use?

    We strongly recommend to use commercial grade screens in your installation. Commercial screens will have undergone long-term tests and come with warranties guaranteeing good coverage. You should consider the environment in which the screen will be fitted when you select a screen manufacturer – screens come with various bezel sizes, mounting options, cooling systems and so on.

    Regarding screen type DISE has no problems outputting to a regular flat screens, projectors or LED modules.

  • Can I control the screens in my system?

    Yes. Provided there is a connection to the screen over RS-232, Ethernet or through an API, and its communication protocol is supported, DISE software is able to control the power or input of the screen on a schedule. In DISE Premium, the monitoring add-on is required.

  • What is the advantage of web-based applications over native applications?

    Our managing service, DISE Server, lives on your network or the web so that more people, on a wider variety of platforms, can access it. Players run native applications in order to maximize performance.


  • What kind of content can I show on my digital signs?

    DISE software lets you create beautiful content within the application or leverage existing media and skill sets by importing popular file formats:

    • Texts
    • Images (.jpg, .png, .psd, …)
    • Video (.mp4, .wmv, .mov, …) and Flash (.swf, .flv) with audio
    • Sound files (.wav, .mp3, .wma, …)
    • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and PDFs (.pdf)
    • Calendars and events (Google Calendar, Exchange)
    • Interactive wayfinding and directories
    • Weather, news and stock updates
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Web pages
    • Polls, surveys and contests
    • Cable and live streaming video
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter) and RSS feeds

    …and more

  • Does DISE support RSS feeds?

    Yes. RSS feeds are supported directly through the RSS ticker object.

  • Does DISE support information stored in a database?

    Yes. Data extraction from most common databases is available via DISE Parser.

  • Can I play sound from the system?

    Yes. However, it is important to think about the people that work in a store or at the location where the screens are placed. Repetitive sound can be very annoying and most often will be turned off, leaving a silent channel.

  • Can I play content on more than one screen?

    Certainly. There is a multitude of ways this can be achieved all of which are supported by DISE software. DISE offers a multi-screen synchronization technology allowing you to do advanced video walls setups with ease.


  • Where can I ask my technical questions?

    If you are already a DISE customer and have a valid support agreement, you can give us a call or send us an email. You can also request a feature in the DISE support web.
    If you have pre-sales technical questions but are not already a customer, please contact and they will forward your request.

  • What training solutions are available?

    Whether you want to become familiar with DISE or you want to become a certified expert, we have a variety of courses to suite your needs. These are held on regular basis in our premises.

    We offer End-user Training for end-users with a valid support agreement. We define end-users as people that use DISE Software to perform their jobs, such as marketers, techniques or administrators. These training sessions are structured as workshops and we will present DISE as a brand and as a company, digital signage as an industry and the components that are included in the DISE software.

    We offer a basic course that is compulsory for every reseller, no matter what position you have. In additional, we offer an advanced course for technicians, split into 3 levels, where the final course will make you a certified expert.

    Send an email to for more information about a training session near you.

  • What kind of support can DISE offer?

    You can receive support in different ways depending on your needs. We offer software support through email and phone. Remote assistance can be offered when possible. If running DISE SaaS, support is included but DISE Professional comes with one year support and needs to be renewed every year. For our resellers and end-users we also offer different types of training sessions.

    We also have the DISE Support Web where you access information about license keys and orders, as well as software downloads. DISE Knowledge Base contains reference material and tutorials to help you get started.

  • How often will I have to update the software?

    Updates and support are included if you run DISE SaaS.

    If you don’t run SaaS, free updates are included in the support agreement. This must be renewed every year. Updating your DISE system to a current version can improve system performance, expand functionality and provide you with new tools to reach your audience. We are committed to three to four enhancement and/or feature releases every year and updating is easy with downloadable files and help from our support team.

  • Can I request a feature?

    Yes. The DISE development team is agile and able to implement new features, for example to integrate with hardware, or other software systems. Depending on the timeframe and scope of the new feature, we may charge consulting hours.

Sales and licensing

  • Where can I get a quote for my new project?

    Please send an email to with your company name and a description of the project.

  • How can I find a DISE reseller in my country or region?

    Send an email to with your request and we will refer you to your closest reseller.

  • How are licenses handled in DISE?

    DISE licenses are on a “per computer/player” basis. The license is not based on the number of screens.

  • What is the process for ordering DISE products?

    Start by clarifying the purpose for your signage solution, what do you want your digital signage installation to achieve? Will it be used to show internal information or promote your products in a store? Read our checklist and about our products to see which solution that suits you. Please send an email to with your request or give us a call.

  • Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing it?

    Yes, please download our trial of the software to try it out for free for 30 days.

  • I have an old version of DISE. How do I upgrade my system to a newer version?

    Upgrading to a newer version, for example DISE 2010 to DISE8, cost 50 % of the total system cost on the new pricelist. Send an email to and we will provide you with the cost and new licenses.

  • How do I become a DISE reseller?

    DISE is constantly expanding its base of authorized dealers around the world. Please send an email to if you are interested to be a part of the DISE family!

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