IXM – Creating unforgettable retail moments

Central to our business, you’ll find our In-store Experience Management Platform. It serves as the foundation for crafting in-store experiences that customers desire.

In today’s retail landscape, customers seek tailored experiences, moving effortlessly between in-store and online. Our In-store Experience Management Platform seamlessly integrates data from diverse backend systems, providing invaluable cross-channel insights for personalisation, ensuring a genuine in-store adventure.

We take pride in describing our platform as cutting-edge, user-friendly, scalable, and reliable. Over 1150 strong brands worldwide have selected this platform, drawn by its outstanding qualities.

It’s a dynamic platform that evolves with your business, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of retail innovation.


Content made easy

Our CMS is built for everyone. Effortlessly create, schedule, and update content with our intuitive interface. Experience it for yourself!

Get more, pay less

Maximise your savings as your business grows. Partnering with us means accessing tiered pricing, where your discount increases as you scale up and reach new levels.

Reliable as a rock

Count on your content to connect consistently and professionally, always perfectly timed and placed. Trust in a rock-solid platform.

Partner Success is at the heart of what we do

Partner Success

Our journey together begins with an onboarding process to provide you with the skills needed to succeed and seamlessly migrate your existing networks to Dise. To become a certified partner, simply participate in our Partner program. It covers everything from an introduction to our CX platform and template production to software installation and gaining an advanced grasp of the platform. Always trust that our team is ready to assist you in taking your solutions to the next level.

3rd line support

Our partners manage customer support independently. In addition, our 3rd line support team is always ready to assist our partners. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of our platform and excel in resolving technical issues efficiently. They also ensure seamless compatibility between our software and a wide range of certified hardware, ensuring smooth operations.