Our partners create retail magic

Our partners share a common vision: to shape the perfect in-store retail experience and drive change in how customers connect with brands. Spanning a diverse array of sectors, from finance and gaming to fashion, automotive, and groceries, our network extends across the globe, reaching from Europe to North America and Asia. This global footprint lays the perfect groundwork for launching brands on a global stage.

Digital In-store concept

Our partners wear multiple hats, serving as strategy advisors, content creators, and concept developers. They empower the realisation of any brilliant idea within the digital in-store experience.


Our partners offer project management, installation, and comprehensive training to ensure a smooth setup of the digital signage solutions. Their support team is always available to help ensure ongoing success.

Some of our partners

Pixel Inspiration

Headquartered in the UK, Pixel Inspiration has been providing managed digital media solutions to customers all around the world since 2004. Their work is recognized across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and Australia. Pixel Inspiration combines the latest technology, business expertise, psychological insights, and stunning creativity into one complete managed service.



Established in 2001, jls is a Swiss digital agency owned by Swisscom. They specialize in creating innovative digital experiences for industries like banking, retail, and insurance. jls excels in conceiving, developing, and operating cross-channel digital customer experiences, interactive advertising, and information systems.


Scientific Games

Scientific Games has been a pioneer in the lottery industry since 1973, offering innovative, secure, and purpose-driven entertainment experiences. Their vision is to modernize connections between lotteries and players around the world, enabling healthy engagement. Serving customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

First Impression

First Impression is the creator and maker of audiovisual experiences with a multi-sensory impact. The fact that they received the Integrator of the Year award at the 2022 AV Awards and the Global Digital Signage Awards in 2023 serves as a clear testament to their excellence in the field of audiovisual innovation.

Var Group

Headquartered in Italy, Var Group is an esteemed digital partner with a worldwide reputation. Operating in 10 countries and serving customers across an impressive presence spanning over 30 countries, Var Group’s influence is truly global. Among their esteemed customers shines the iconic Lamborghini.


The full-service digital agency designs, creates, and installs custom-made digital display solutions for a diverse range of industries. Their flagship project, the Digital Escalator Crown, transforms the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway into a multimedia advertising space. With a blend of creativity and technology, OnActivity is shaping Hong Kong’s digital landscape.

In-depth interviews 

Take a closer look at our partnerships. Discover the factors contributing to the success,
hear inspiring success stories, and get a glimpse into the future of the digital retail landscape. Meet the experts.

Meet jls

Damian Schärli, CEO of jls

At the heart of jls’s mission is connecting brands with people.

Meet Pixel Inspiration

Nikk Smith, Managing Director of Pixel Inspiration

At the heart of Pixel Inspiration’s mission is the implementation of technically capable and creatively driven digital solutions in exciting environments.