Equality policy

At Vertiseit, we firmly believe that people with diverse experiences and perspectives are a crucial factor in gaining a broader understanding of our customers’ needs and in creating the innovative and productive environment required for long-term business success. As a global company, we know that our success depends on the diversity and competence of our employees.

Trust in diversity

Diversity at Vertiseit encompasses all the differences that make us unique, including age, gender, ethnicity, physical abilities, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, and ways of thinking and acting. We create an inclusive work environment where everyone can contribute to their full potential.

We strive to increase awareness of gender equality issues and cultivate an open attitude and equal treatment throughout the entire company. At Vertiseit, we are committed to:

  • Actively promoting a work environment that is suitable for all employees, both physically and psychosocially. This means taking into account that all employees, regardless of age, gender, gender expression, physical abilities, ethnicity, religion, or other beliefs, are provided with equal opportunities and conditions, such as working hours, convenience facilities, and language use.
  • Facilitating the combination of work and parenthood for all employees. This means making it easier for parents by allowing flexible working hours and scheduling meetings that also work for those on parental leave.
  • Preventing and stopping harassment. This means countering actions that could be perceived as violating the integrity of an employee. We also work actively to facilitate reporting of incidents in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Investigating all cases of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, taking appropriate actions and providing feedback to the affected employees.
  • Offering all employees opportunities for development and training within the scope of their employment. This means providing all employees with opportunities for development based on their abilities, interests, and willingness to grow, in consultation with the employer.
  • Actively promoting a more equal gender distribution in our operations. This means achieving a more equal distribution of women and men in all types of work and positions by always striving for as many women and men as possible to apply for vacant positions. Appointments are based primarily on competence.
  • Providing all employees with equal pay and conditions for equal performance when the work performed is equal or equivalent in terms of complexity. This means ensuring that no employee is subjected to wage discrimination.

Each manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy by disseminating information, implementing changes, and conducting regular follow-ups.

This gender equality policy is binding for all Vertiseit companies and shall be available to all employees in these companies. At Vertiseit, we believe that promoting diversity and gender equality is not only the right thing to do, but also a key factor in achieving long-term business success.